Three Affordable 3D Printers Available Right Now

3D printing or rapid prototyping has always been an expensive endeavor, it was only 7 years ago when my friend purchased an Objet 3D printer for 240,000 dollars. The price of a quarter of million dollars was enough to turn most companies off from ever dreaming of owning one. But for the lucky few who […]

Recycled Decoupage Creations

There is noting like doing some crafts with your kids. If your hesitant about doing something too complicated then the secret with be to start with simple materials like paper. Paper crafts are on the best materials to start your kids. Decoupage which is simple tearing pieces of paper and sticking them to a piece […]

Laminated Paper Crafts

I recently purchased “The Big Book of Crafts” which had a section on laminated paper dolls. It inspired me to ask some ByHand.Me member to send some pictures of their laminated projects and creations. I also told them to send a short description of their projects. Surprisingly in regards to what type of laminating machines […]

Creating Beautiful Sea Glass Jewelry

I recently came from a short beach vacation in Asia. I saw a lot of beautiful things made from crafts pass down from one generation. The older generation seems to make it a point to teach their kids important crafts to be self sufficient and continue what they have learn. I saw hundreds of beautiful […]