Laminated Paper Crafts

I recently purchased “The Big Book of Crafts” which had a section on laminated paper dolls. It inspired me to ask some ByHand.Me member to send some pictures of their laminated projects and creations. I also told them to send a short description of their projects. Surprisingly in regards to what type of laminating machines they use, most of them use Xyron laminating machines which they say stops any bubbles from forming during the lamination process.

Bellow are few of the best Laminated Projects:

Laminated Magnetic Paper Dolls

These are laminated paper dolls with magnets on the back. This is such a great way to create simple games your kids can play on the fridge. The fact that you can have endless combination of dolls make them a great distraction for your kids. Another great way is even letting your kids create their own paper dolls from scratch and turning them into magnetic fridge dolls.

Laminated Bookmarks

Laminated bookmarks are also a fun craft you can do with your kids. I use to create book marks out of black cardboard and stick some stamps I collected over the summer. I would then go to our local library to have them laminated. If your kids love books then this is a great way to show them what you can do with putting some creativity when simple things as a bookmark.

Laminated Bracelets

Probably the most creative among the projects was a laminated paper bracelet. As simple as it looks , you make a cut out of a pattern that you like leave a slot for a garter or Velcro. Again this will probably even work better if you make the patterns yourself using your children’s artwork or pictures.